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We have been really inspired by a post from the 
this week.  
You can click on the link to pop over and have a look sometime.  
They run fantastic challenges each month and have lots of inspiration from group members.

The project that excited us this week was created by Godelieve Tijskens from
who not only creates amazing work but has also designed stamp collections for Darkroom Door during 2019.  Here are some of her designs for Darkroom Door and some examples created by herself, Rachel and the entire Darkroom Door design team.

Here it is below:
The project that we thought was worth sharing with you all.
Godelieve has taken an assortment of Darkroom Door stamps and teamed them with Ecoline Brush Markers and created these colourful whimsy cards which we just love!!!!

 How fabulous are these colours????
These markers come in an array of vibrant colours and are perfect for brush lettering also.

If ink is more your style, they also make a set of ink pots which have an intense pigment colour.

A great idea whenever you get a new set of pens is to create your own colour swatch so you can see what colours your pens break down to within each colour.
A blender pen is also available and comes with some of the sets.  Look at the amazing effects you can create when blending.

Hope you get our our colour markers and have a play or if you need some new ones, let us know and we will see what we can help you with.  Just call the girls at the shop for help, 3851 2200.

Stay safe, stay healthy.
Karenina and the A Place to Create team.