A Place to Create

A Place to Create

Thursday, 15 October 2020

Today’s post is all about gratitude!

We are so thankful for the amazing support shown to us by our local community of crafters, our class attendees and of course all our online customers who support us from far and wide. 

Some Exciting Stats

Yesterday’s release of the online store and blog was (like all new ventures) not without some trepidation, but the response and support and love for our new online presence was overwhelming.  Over 1700 people visited our site in less than 24 hours! We had new online orders and over 300 of our blog posts were read after merging data from our previous blog so you can go back and view previous antics and going ons at A Place to Create.  Today the numbers continue to tick over and it is very encouraging. We will continue to add new products – mostly tools – to our online store tomorrow.

Yesterday was the website’s ‘best ever day’ for site visits! (I mean, you would hope so, given we just launched it! LOL)

Artisan Market

Our upcoming Artisan’s market pop up market has had a fantastic response and tables are now booked out for this event.  To see more about stall holders and what treasures you are likely to find, or to pre-order custom orders with stall holders, visit our Facebook event. Click the flyer below to be taken straight there.

If you were thinking of hosting a stall and haven’t yet made contact, please still contact us to discuss and we will advise if we can squeeze you in or in case someone changes their minds. 

Click on the image to head straight to our Facebook event for the Artisan Market and see images and info from the wonderful vendors we have booked in for showing.

Thanks for all your support and we look forward to seeing you at our first Pop Up Market for local Artisans.

A Place to Create

Welcome to Our New Site

What an incredible year it has been……..so many challenges but so many unexpected rewards also.  

With new guidelines and rules, we have found different, and in some cases, improved ways to do things and together with all your support we have made it through to what is feeling like the beginning of the end of the year.

More recently we have seen further challenges with the health and well being of the staff being tested even further.  We thank everyone who has stepped up and helped out while the staff recover from their various surgeries, broken arms and neurological issues.  Your patience while the new staff and volunteers assist you is very much appreciated.  Please take the time to introduce yourself to the new staff and understand that they have hit the ground running with little training due to the circumstances of recent weeks.   What a wonderful community we have found ourselves a part of and we hope you share this feeling with us ~ one of being very valued and appreciated in our creative part of the world.

Earlier this year, we made the decision to develop a new blog / website.   This in itself was not such a challenge – easy really – just buy a template and pay some tech savvy person lots of $$$ and voila!   Not exactly!!!!!   The biggest issue was finding the right person with the right amount of time, regular access to the store and staff,  together with the appropriate knowledge and skillset to negotiate the new website.  As often happens in life, one door closes and another opens and just at the juncture of conversations about how to move forward, serendipity stepped in and here we are a week later.

The last week has seen us bring all this planning and fortune together and today we launch our new website / blog.  A place where we can hopefully keep you updated on all our classes, events, kits and even some new products as well as our core products.   It is a massive task and it raises some logistical issues in having such a busy bricks and mortar store alongside a website with product.  

Like so many things in life, until you have to do it yourself or are heavily involved, you often dismiss the amount of work and energy involved. The logistics of stocking a website alongside the store is such an issue.  

For this reason, we will only put select products up as well as core products such as cardstock, adhesives and other easily sourced items which we can usually source consistently and replace rapidly if needed.

Your orders and class bookings will come through to the store and as happens now, payment will be made directly with us in store when all ordered items and / or classes are confirmed (and in the case of postage, quotes ascertained).

As with any new initiative we anticipate needing to make some changes and welcome your kind feedback.  We really hope you are excited about this and it helps provide you with one place to find all the information you need.

Facebook will continue to be our primary source of daily communication along with regular newsletters via email.   If you don’t receive our emails you can join our email list via the new site.

We will provide some little tutorials over the coming weeks on how to navigate the site easily.

If you need further help finding events or navigating the page, please ask us when you are in store and we can help you on your phone or ipad or demonstrate on our computer, phones or ipads.

Have a look around the site and see what you can find – don’t worry you can’t break anything and it won’t cost you a cent (until you find things you didn’t know you wanted or needed or had to attend) 😉

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Adding Art Stones to Mixed Media Projects

Have you wondered what to do with art stones or how they get those little balls onto their projects?

Art stones are a light weight product that is created in various sizes ranging from very small and fine to medium and large.  They can be mixed in with heavy gesso or texture paste for a gritty effect and bumpy texture allowing you leave it white or to colour over the top with your chosen colours.

Check out how Alicia Vega has added the art stones after colouring her project here for a fabulous washed effect of the water.

Alternatively, you can pour art stones onto your project and allow them to dry into the medium either painting over them or leaving them white against a coloured background.

Check them out in store now.
Happy Creating Gayle
and the
A Place to Create Team

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Don’t forget this week’s $5 make and takes allow you to play 
with coloured texture pastes and stencils.

 Perfect for those who have never had a go at mixed media 
or anyone who wants to try the colours before buying. 
Wednesday 10am. Thursday 1pm, Friday 10am. 
Call the store on 3851 2200 to hold a spot.

Happy Creating Gayle
and the
A Place to Create Team