Today I thought I would share with you the inspiration behind some of the Italian card kits 
that I’ve have created this year.
The first is the TUSCAN range and if you’ve ever watched the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”, you’ll understand why.

 As many of you know, since I married a gorgeous Australian man with Italian parents, we made
a point of visiting his parents’ country and hometown a few times and not only did their gorgeous Florentine papers excite me, but the scenery gave me inspiration for the collections.

The Tuscan card kit reflects the gorgeous gold of the fields while the green represents the tall Italian Cypress trees that often line the long winding driveways and roads on properties.
Then we move onto the AMALFI coast inspired range.  The Amalfi coast on the west coast of Italy
has waters  that reflect the most stunning shades of teal and turqoise.
The water itself is crystal clear but the colours have such depth as the water deepens.

And of course as the sun hits it, the shades of colour become even more stunning. 

Not only does Italy have some amazing coastline to explore, but the tiny towns all have their own unique styles and traditions. 
Pienza, like many other Italian towns abounds with red geraniums and poppies and the reds and flora inspired this kit.
Many of the farms in Italy like this one are actually part of the Agriturismo and as such offer a range of accommodation and or  cooking / dining experiences.  Well worth checking out.

Hope you like them and if not, at least enjoy the photos of some 
gorgeous parts of our fabulous planet.
Have a great day, 

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