For those who follow news in the industry, you may be aware that we support local talent and local distributors wherever possible.  Colour Blast is one such distributor and has more recently been our supplier for the amazing works of Michelle Grant Designs, a gorgeous Queensland girl who we have been lucky enough to have teach for us at A Place to Create.
Two bits of news here today, firstly Colour Blast has been up for sale and as of last week was sold pending handover and finalising of some details. 
This is great news for Colour Blast and for you as it hopefully means that we haven’t lost another local supplier.
It does however pose a little problem for this fabulous new range in that we won’t be able to place reorders for this or any other Colour Blast until the new owners set up new accounts, web ordering etc and advise of their operational date so please be patient if you are wanting any Colour Blast products.  For those who had orders in the book, I believe we filled them all in this latest order we have received so you will be contacted shortly.
Now onto exciting news and new products available:
Many of you will know Michelle’s work from her many classes and demonstrations at shows over the years and this last weekend at Paperific in Melbourne.  Michelle’s newest collection this month is called

and it is
 “dedicated to all those we have loved and lost”.

We have filled all our pre-orders and had the help of many customers today whilst opening the packs which is wonderful however it also means that some of the collection has sold out already and we cannot advise a restock date given the sale of the company so if you are wanting any items we have run out, please give us time to make the necessary enquiries and organise a reorder with the new owners.

Meanwhile the papers, some stamps and stencils are all available in store so come on in and have a look.  They really are much  better in real life.

Happy Creating Gayle
and the
A Place to Create Team

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