We have a great range of  DYLUSIONS PAINTS
in store and thought you might like to know more about them.

These paints were especially developed for Dyan Reaveley since no other paints worked quite the way she wanted them to.  Many other paints will definitely work in your mixed media journals but these ones have a few advantages – especially if you like to work quickly.  
* firstly, they come in a jar with a wide opening so you can get your palette knife in to scoop out exactly what you need / want.
 * the large opening means that you have a lid that is big enough to use as the paint directly out of it.  Ie. you can use the small amount of paint that sits on the lid to dip your brush, blending tool sponge or even small objects for printing off.    
* the paint comes in a fabulous range of colours which can all be blended to make shades or pastels but better still, they all have matching sprays and pen colours so you can create with a fully complementary set of mediums. 
* the paint is a perfect consistency for using through your stencils and have a great opacity that can be altered with water.
* now for the main reason they have been so well received by mixed media artists…….they dry super quickly so you can work on multiple pages in jour journal / diary at once and know that when you flip to a new page, the last one will be dry in no time.

If you would like to listen to Dyan talk about the motivation behind this range, click here.

Here is a link to Carolyn Dube who has done a video testing out the paints.

If you’ve made something with the Dylusions paints be sure to bring them in store to show us sometime.  We would love to see them!
See you soon!

Happy Creating Gayle
and the
A Place to Create Team

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