24 Hour Craft-A-Thon at APTC in June!

🎉 Get ready for the ultimate crafting extravaganza at our Craft-a-thon! 🎨 Join us for a fun-filled fundraising event where ALL PROCEEDS go to the Carers Foundation. 

✨ Enjoy light refreshments and complimentary tea and coffee as you unleash your creativity. Plus, get ready for snap prizes and impromptu challenges with fabulous rewards. 

📅 . Here’s the pricing breakdown:

2-4hrs: $20

4-6hrs: $30

6-8hrs: $40

8-12hrs: $60

12+ hours: $70

Staying on premises for 24hrs: $100

Feel free to bring your sleeping gear if you plan on staying overnight – we’ll make room for you.

Let’s craft, have fun, and make a difference together! See you at the Craft-a-thon on the 29th – 30th of June! 🌟