This week A Place to Create turns three years old- WOW!

I’m not exactly sure where I thought A Place to Create would be 3 years after we opened, but I am pleased to say we still have our doors open and I have just signed a new lease.  

This decision was not taken lightly as we have had our fair share of ups and downs, a few health issues to say the least and of course the sad loss of one of our very own.

Unfortunately the internet and today’s economic climate has a lot to do with the survival of a small business and I would like to thank our amazing customers and friends for your support over the past 3 years. I hope that you will continue to support our little store where we can give you that personal service, be able to share and impart our knowledge, share a friendly chat and a laugh and also give you a place that you feel comfortable to be able to share your stories, dreams and sometimes disappointments with us, something you don’t get on the internet.  

Our birthday reminds us that without the support from our valued customers and friends we would not still be open today like many other scrapbooking stores that we’ve all seen close recently- we thank you all for your support. 

Not to be forgotten- I’d also like to thank my wonderful staff, Jenni and Emma for all of your support and hard work which also contributes to the success of a  business.

regards Gayle

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