Yes, the wait is over……

Ranger and Tim Holtz have announced two more releases for this year.

A further 12 colours have been released and are in transit to Australia due to arrive this week.
Remember, there are no plans to release these inks in small pads due to the complexity of the formula so if you’re holding off, I wouldn’t.  As Tim explains, it was 10 years before the mini distress inks were released so you may be in for a really long wait and in the meantime you will miss out on so much fun and so many creative experiences.
Here is the announcement made by Tim Holtz and a feature of all the new colours.
If you haven’t played with these inks, they have been an absolute game changer for creating
backgrounds, inking, blending and so much more.  Here’s some examples of creating fabulous backgrounds with them and then stamping over them.

You can still do all the usual things you do with ink however you
have the added option of changing the effects by wetting this ink.
And on another exciting note, the remaining 12 colours of oxide inks will be released in October so you will be able to complete your sets before the end of the year.
Remember we always have a pre-order and introductory offer if you want to buy all 12 so save your $$$ and order the complete 12 by calling the store now on 3851 2200.
Happy Creating Gayle
and the
A Place to Create Team

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