We are very excited to announce that this year, the Dreamscapes Album Series will be introduced to A Place to Create for the coming year ahead. The Series will be taught by Melissa Struhs who comes with 9 years of experience teaching these albums and many happy scrappers in her trail.


Hi, my name is Melissa Struhs. I am a wife to a Cabinet Maker husband (and yes, he is extremely patient with my never ending updates to the craft room) and a mum to a teenage son. He is the reason I began scrapbooking over 16 years ago when I was on maternity leave and I never intended for it to become a career change.

I have been teaching in local Gold Coast and Brisbane stores for nearly 15 years now. I am also on the Design Teams for the Scrap the Boys and Colour Blast.

My scrapbooking style could be best described as traditional, as I still love double layouts and combining gorgeous patterned papers. What I love most is incorporating hand stitching, laser cut chipboard and mixed media techniques to create the textures and layers in a streamlined way.
You can see more of my work on Instagram or Facebook


More about the Album Series:-

Completing an entire album can be very rewarding to see all of your favourite photos or special events all in one place, to have a treasured keepsake at the end of the year to share with others. This class is open to intermediate to advanced scrapbookers only. It takes a huge commitment to see a project of this size through, to make the time to attend a class once a month, for ten months. The nature of the project requires a considerable amount of planning and ordering in advance to help everyone have a productive and successful year. The time and effort we put in can be best utilised by others who have the time, commitment and who come prepared to each class.

What will the class involve?

# Class – They will start in February and will continue until the end of November. You only need to attend once a month, for ten months. During this time, you will have Mel on hand to help guide you and offer support for the length of the project. Classes will be scheduled based on interest levels and will likely be offered on a Saturday. The classes will be 2.5 hours long and will be capped at 10-12 people. If numbers exceed 12, there may be a possibility of having a morning and afternoon session.

 # Album Themes – You get to choose your own theme of your album. If you are unsure of how to approach it, ask Mel for help (it’s her 9th year in a row), she always has some suggestions up her sleeve: dream vacation, first year of school, baby’s first year, 2018 calendar year, wedding etc.

 # Monthly Core Kit – These will be priced differently each month, according to what is in them, but we do ensure they are a reasonable price.  These are products that are chosen to inspire and push you to try new things and are something a little out of everyone’s comfort zone. We do endeavour to keep these pieces as neutral as possible (for example, clear, white, cream, kraft, brown or black), allowing you to make decisions about colour to suit your photos and theme. Kits are a set part of the project, there are no changes or opting out of the kit for the month. We will hold you a kit if you are unable to attend and it will be available to you on your next day of attendance.

# Cost / Payment Structure – This year, payment in full will be required up front – $150 either at the launch or the first class you attend. This is a big commitment for you and for the studio and that is why we are asking for payment up front. This covers the class fees only, each month for the 10 months. This will apply to all customers attending the Dreamscape series. There will be no refunds on class fees. If you are unable to attend a class, the album will be available for you to take photos.

What is the Dreamscape Series?

What if you can pair traditional 12×12 layouts with flip out panoramic refills and add layers and more length to the horizontal look to standard double page spread? Each of the flip out refills will hold 4 standard 12 x 12 layouts and will add a whole new dimension and look to your project. This gives you the opportunity to mix them with the refills that come with your album, dropping in the flip outs where you would like to add more photos and increase the numbers of the layouts to create a dreamlike scene or landscape look to your layouts. Black and White photographs can evoke a very subtle but dreamy look, giving you the freedom to create with any colours and incorporate any styles throughout the album. It helps to bring together random images that would usually be harder to find more of. It is a chance to add your own variations to the album project and give you the creative freedom to make it unique.

What will you need:

# 12 x 12 Ring Albums – These are the best style of album to use, available in many colours and designs by so many different companies. Our suggestions would be We R Memory Keepers, Project Life, American Crafts or Teresa Collins. Standard refills from your album can be used and more can be reordered if you require them. We are happy to show you a comprehensive look at colours and styles of albums and place an order for you. It is not essential to have your album initially to put your pages in, as we find they are best suited to add your completed pages to at home, saving the wear and tear of bringing it to class, but you will need to use the 12 x 12 refills that accompany your album. Mel will be using Classic Leather albums by We R Memory Keepers which come in 27 standard colours plus plenty of gorgeous specialty style albums as well.

# Storage containers or tubs – these are always helpful to keep you organised, hold your kit pieces, refills, photo’s and essential items for class each month. The ease of keeping everything together will allow you to grab all essential items and head to class.

# Page in Progress Albums – this is something temporary to hold things in while you are working on the current month’s page, to bring to class, hold ideas and to save your other album from being damaged.

# Refills – The refills that will be used for this album will be 12×12 and a flip out panoramic. Depending where you put them or how ambitious you are feeling, you could do a double, triple or quadruple page layout. This is will allow everyone to customise their album to suit the amount of photo’ you would like to include, do as much or as little as you want. We will be selling them at an individual price, and will place orders as they are requested. But already have some in stock and they will be available at the first class.

# Photos – your chosen theme will need to big enough to support the use of a lot of photos. It is not necessary to print them all now, or even in a month. Participants have found it helpful to print as they go, this eliminates the cost skyrocketing or unnecessary reprints because you have changed your mind. Relying on other people to send or provide you with photos can be the biggest downfall of your project and having your images with you at every class is essential. Make the most of your time by being prepared, Mel can only help if she has something to work with. This will be a great platform to create layouts with multiple images and assorted size options. It will be your choice how many you wish to include each month, Mel is happy to help you design your layout and make them fit.

# Pop up shop – if there is something that Mel has used from the store she will take the same product, or something very similar from the shelf to be held for you to choose from during class time if you wish. It gives everyone a place to start or even a spot to find something for your Dreamscape Album.

Melissa will be sharing her albums and providing free information sessions on Saturday 2nd December,  10.15-11am and 12.30 – 1pm.

We look forward to seeing you there,
Gayle and the A Place to Create Team


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