Celebr8 have become a household name in the scrapbooking world here in Australia
and they take the time to visit us each year which not a lot of suppliers do so we like to show them some love and their products sure do deserve it.

Here’s the latest range “Take Note”.
It’s a fabulously versatile line that you will be able to use for a vast array of occasions.
As always, there are some fabulous matt boards and one stencil released with the range which you can buy individually.

The Bulk Pack includes everything available in the collection so if you’re likely to have FOMO, this is the pack you will want.  If you see a sample on their facebook page, you will be able to replicate it with the bulk pack and still have loads left over for more creations.
Their acetates and embellishments are now only available in the bulk pack so you can’t get these individually any more. 🙁
 The Paper Pack is a great way to grab all the papers and then you can use up some bits from your own “stash” to embellish.  The pack also gives you some inspiration sketches which is always a bonus.

We have confirmed with Celebr8 and this pack is not being used in any of their classes at A Place to Create so don’t worry about doubling up……you’re just going to have to buy this one so you don’t miss out.
Have a fabulous day!

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