There is no ‘i’ in TEAM.

As we all know there is no ‘i’ in team. i know it is only early days of my new venture and already i feel i have to say a big thank you to my team. My thanks goes to everyone who has supported me already and i know will continue to support me, and that includes you Hannah for your lovely gift today, i love it!! But today my special thanks has to go to my incredibly clever and creative technicians who are responsible for this blogspot and what ever else involves computers and that sort of technical stuff. Any of you who know me well will know i may be creative but when it comes to computers, blogspots, facebook, twitter and all that i am hopeless. Today was my very first post (they told me that’s what it was called) let alone they say i have to do twitter and facebook- please help me, posting was enough for one day. So thank you to my technical gurus, you know who you are!!!


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